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Rust Anode


Rust-Anode® :

Production and sales of Rust-Anode®, providing complete protection against rust by cold galvanisation for new and old metallic structures, even if already corroded. Ideal on new builds or for maintaining existing structures.

The product is particularly recommended when a deteriorated hot galvanisation needs to be repaired on site, without disassembly of the structure. An original formula, providing an “organic” solution to corrosion problems.

Rust-Anode®, produced in Belgium since 1954, is sold in Europe, North America and Africa.

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Rust-Anode® does not contain any organic solvents such as benzene, xylene, toluene, butyl acetate, methylene chlorite or methylene–ethyl–ketone (M-E-K), commonly used in the manufacturing of paints.

The base solvent used in making Rust-Anode® is continually being improved and concentrated in order to meet the criteria and requirements of modern specifications (reduced volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) content)

The natural solvent contained in Rust-Anode® is extracted from citrus fruit peels (mandarins and oranges) using an advanced technological process. It is less toxic compared to standard solvents and emits a pleasantly fruity smell that completely disappears after the product dries.

The product’s flammability and volatility are also reduced by the solvent, leading to benefits for the environment, working conditions and safety, as well as increased product yield.

School with galvanized structure treated  with Rust-Anode for a newlive